The Augusta Area Polyglot Programming Group was started to fill the need for a programming community in the Central Maine area. Two local programmers, James and Floyd, wanted to get together to learn more about their craft and the rest is history.

The group is designed to be hands on. Each meeting we pick a topic or a set of programming puzzles and work together to learn new skills. We leave no one behind and no question is is left unanswered. Programmers of all skill levels are welcome and we often have first time programmers and seasoned code slingers in the meetings. We cover all languages and programming paradigms.

For more information on what to expect at a meeting see our what to expect page.

Ployglot programming - a definition

Type polyglot definition into google and you get:

knowing or using several languages.

We wanted to stretch our programming skills so we decided to include all types of languages in our group activities. This way we are exposed to new types of the programming techniques and patterns.