The Augusta Polyglot user group is unique because we focus on hands on activities. The goal is to not only learn about something new but to gain real experience developing with new technologies.

A typical meeting has the following structure:

We wrap up the official activities at 8pm but many polyglots stay after to get time to work on their side projects.

What to expect as a beginner?

A welcoming environment where any question is fair game. Opportunity to get a hands on focused experience. We have lots of experienced developers that willing to help and we have had many people of all ages come to our meetings with no programming experience and walked out with their first real appliation!

There is also opportunity to bring a different perspective to our conversations and problems solving. As polyglots we believe in learning multiple disciplines helps us grow as programmers and individuals.

What to expect as a advanced programmer?

There is always something to learn. If you are new to the topic for the meeting you can expect to come up to speed on a new technology. If you already know the topic there will be some new trick to learn and the opportunity to discuss different approaches. There will also be the opportunity to mentor and teach other developers.

Each activity has advanced challenges for everyone to try to solve. If you solve them you can share them on our github account so everyone to learn from them.


Hope to see you out our next meeting!

Questions? Comments? Want to present? Contact James.