Have you ever spent hours or even days trying to set up a development environment? It can be painful to make sure everything is installed, plays nice together, and on your path.

This month we learned how to use Vagrant so we only have to go through that pain once (or even better, have some one else go through the pain for us). Using Vagrant and VirtualBox we set up a repeatable environment that starts up a virtual machine with python installed with one command:vagrant up. You can check out the code sample at https://github.com/Augusta-Polyglot/vagrant-intro.

We will be using Vagrant for all our future meetings so that we don’t all have to go through the process of setting up complex environments. Instead we will only have to make a quick call to vagrant up and we will be off coding! (Don’t worry knowing Vagrant won’t be a requirement).

At our next meeting will be learning Ionic to build a mobile phone app. A Vagrantfile will be provided so we don’t have to worry about Ionic’s complex setup and dependencies. See you there and Happy Holidays!

Augusta Polyglot

A programming group in Augusta Maine.