We had a record breaking turn out this month! We have over 20 people show up to learn about Ardunio’s and Sensors.

We had a marine biologist from the Darling Marine Center at University of Maine give us an introduction to how sensors are used in her research. Then her son gave us an introduction to Ardunio and some of the projects he has worked on (including a Simon Says Arduino project). Next we had a breakout session for the rest of the night were groups build everything from a few blinking lights, LED Displays, and a ultrasonic music player.

(more pictures coming soon…)

We also had some members from the Gardiner Maine Robotics team Iron Tigers. They brought their cRio test platform they used to get prep for FIRST Robotics competitions.

It was fun night and thanks to everyone who came out!

Augusta Polyglot

A programming group in Augusta Maine.